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This page is where we get to tell you a little about ourselves.
But most importantly, it is about how we can help you find solutions to bring about your best self.  It is a place of relief and hope.


We are Dawn and Bob Sharrocks. For the past 25 years we have been partners in life and marriage and have expanded our partnership to include bringing you a new way to improve your
well-being. We can imagine that you are reading this because you have not found enough relief from the medications, treatments, and surgeries your doctor has prescribed.


Are you disenchanted with “modern medicine”?

Although we fully believe and recommend that some conditions require medication or surgery, we know your body has its own inner wisdom to bring itself back to health. It just needs some help.
Just like we did.

In the last several years we worked on improving our own health and are happy to say that we have achieved success in eliminating our medications and resolving our diseases.
Although we do visit a primary care physician, and surgeons as necessary, it was our research and use of alternative methods, along with Dawn’s background and training as an RN and Licensed Acupuncturist, that brought about positive changes in our health.
Dawn has healed her chronic pain, digestive, and hormonal issues.
Bob has lowered his blood pressure to that of a young man, resolved his GERD, chronic sinusitis, and obstructive sleep apnea.

His cardiologist dropped him into the low-risk category.
Both of our cholesterol and triglyceride levels dropped over 50 points into a normal range. We are no longer on medications for these diseases! Our future is bright,

and we anticipate enjoying our lives to the fullest.

Because you are suffering, we know we can help you in ways that your physician is not providing. We know because we did it for ourselves. Based on our healing, we wanted to make available simple,

common sense methods to the way you seek out, receive, and experience your healthcare. We envisioned a way to support your body’s wisdom to bring about health and healing in the
ways that we are experiencing.

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Out of that, Common Sense Healing was born.
We developed a unique method to support your body in bringing itself back to vibrancy using customized combinations of Acupuncture, Natural Medicine, Aromatouch Massage, MagnaWave PEMF, LZR Light Therapy, Sound Healing, and Guided Imagery,
Our method allows us to partner with you to help find a solution to your less-than-optimal condition. 

You will experience healing through the five basic senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch using natural, pain-free, drug-free treatments without side effects or toxicity. Our modalities will leave you feeling relieved, relaxed, and recharged.

Please click on the menu to read more about these modalities.
We are invested in your well-being and are eager to answer any questions you may have about designing a customized wellness program for you or someone you love. Animals included!

common sense healing

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