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 - KarenMarie Smith and Bella ​

Several months ago, Bob Sharrocks and I had a conversation regarding the painful issue our 11yr old Mastiff Bella was having with arthritis in her shoulders. Bob mentioned that there was a treatment available, MagnaWave PEMF therapy, and it could help Bella.  Before Bella was able to have her first treatment,

a trip to the vet for a suspected sprain in her front leg changed our world. 

Bella was diagnosed with bone cancer in her front leg (wrist), and at that moment, her arthritis seemed so minimal in comparison. 

The veterinarian’s suggestion was amputation and radiation; that was NOT something I was going to put her through at her age. 

I called Bob that very day and asked if MagnaWave PEMF therapy

could help Bella with her tumor.  He said absolutely, and her first appointment

took place 2 days later!  Bella has been under Bob’s care twice a week for several weeks now.  There is an undeniable day and night difference in her comfort level following her sessions. Prior to beginning treatment,

Bella would have high pitch cries of discomfort and it was heart-wrenching to hear. Bella’s arthritic shoulders and front leg are both treated simultaneously, giving her much-needed relief.  She relaxes and within minutes after her treatment begins, she sometimes sleeps through to its conclusion. 

She is relaxed, calm, and ‘knows’ he is there to help her and the ‘feel better’ sensation is associated with his visit.

She has a much higher quality of life with MagnaWave.

She is running, playing, going for long walks, and is living a normal dog- life. 

We know someday Bella will succumb to this aggressive form of cancer,

but her highly effective MagnaWave treatments have given her pain-free days and she will continue to have her treatments

until the day that she crosses the Rainbow Bridge.


MagnaWave allows her own body to relieve her pain and I cannot say enough about the effectiveness and the benefits of this extraordinary therapy! 


Thank you, Common Sense Healing, for giving Bella MUCH BETTER DAYS than we could EVER have hoped for!



much respect and gratitude, Karen Marie and Bella

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